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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Just a quick note to make you aware of a nice little website on wine. It's called PinoVino and it was created by a good friend of mine, Mike Taylor. Mike is a former coworker and served as my mentor during my first days in the wine business. You can trust Mike (when it comes to wine, anyway) as he has a great palate and a splendid mind for business.

The site is loaded with interesting information and wine reviews, links to other wine sites and even products. Make sure you check out the Essential Wine Tasting Guide. It's indispensible for wine drinkers at all levels from the beginner to the old sot.

You should check it out. You might even find an article or two by someone you know.



At 12:36 PM, June 07, 2006, Anonymous starbucks said...

This has to do with an earlier recommendation, of a pinot noir. I'm very much a novice, and have never bought a bottle of wine over $15, but still: do all pinot noirs have that bleu cheese aroma/taste? It's been the hallmark of the wine anytime I've tried it, and is just odd to me.


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